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Divya Ashwashila Capsule

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Divya Ashvashila Capsule

Patanjali Ashwashila capsule is a powerful blend of shilajit and ashwagandha or Indian Ginseng. The capsule rejuvenates and revitalizes the body from fatigue, mental tension, and weakness. It relaxes and soothes the mind and works as an anti-depressant. Shilajit increases blood circulation to vital organs. It acts as a sex tonic and enhances sexual health. It boosts the immune system of the body and protects the body from bacterial and viral infections.

Patanjali Ashwashila capsule contains antioxidants which keep the body young and fit. It also promotes cell regeneration and delays premature ageing. The capsule strengthens the body against allergies, asthma and other respiratory infections. It relieves from backache, arthritis and other joint pains. Regular intake of Ashwashila capsule keeps one healthy and strong, free from infections.

Divya ashwashila Capsule is a natural herbal product recommended for the treatment of fatigue.

Divya ashwashila helps to get rid of weakness and fatigue by boosting immune system. Divya ashwashila is a natural treatment of fatigue and gives freedom from frequent episodes of infection. It is a safe and effective natural immune booster which rejuvenates the body cells and initiates normal body functions.

Ingredients of Divya Ashwashila Capsules:

Each capsule contains:
1. Extract of Aswagandha (withania somnifera) 200 mg
2. Dry extract of Asphaltum (Shilajit) 200 mg

Benefits of Ashwashila Capsule:

Divya ashwashila is a natural herbal remedy and consists of herbs which are known to boost immune system naturally. The most important advantage of divya ashwashila is that it consists of natural herbs and do not produce any side effect when taken regularly.

 It provides all the necessary nutrients to the body for normal functioning. The herbs present in divya ashwashila helps in the formation of white blood cells which are natural defense agents of our body. The natural herbs in divya ashwashila are known to reduce weakness and fatigue by providing natural nutrients.

Dosage: 1 or 2 capsules to be consumed with milk daily after breakfast and evening meals.

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