Patanjali Amla Chatpata

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Patanjali Chatpata Amla Candy helps in digestion & Give nutrition to brain and helps in good eye sight. Divya Amla ChatpataPatanjali Amla Chatpata - Patanjali Amla Chatpata: 500gmPatanjali Amla Chatpata Candy is a sweet tangy fun-filled treat after a

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Patanjali Amla Chatpata

Patanjali Amla Chatpata: 500gm

Patanjali Amla Chatpata Candy is a sweet tangy fun-filled treat after a heavy meal. It stimulates the digestive juices and helps in the digestive process. The candy with herbs and spices is safe for the stomach and causes no trouble. It gives great relief from indigestion, upset stomach, gas and flatulence. It reduces abdominal pain, hyperacidity and regulates healthy bowel movement. Black Pepper, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger present in Patanjali Amla Chatpata Candy helps keep the stomach bacteria and parasite free. It treats symptoms of nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. The candy helps to improve appetite. Amla Chatpata is a refreshing sweet and tangy digestive candy for ease of digestion.

Ingredients: Amla, Sugar, Glucose, Purified Hing, Pippli, Dhaniya, Laung, Kali Mirch, Jayphal, Lemon, Dalchini, Mulethi, Saunth, Tej Patta, Akarakara, Sandhav Lavan, Kala Namak, Badi Elaichi

Uses: Useful in General weakness and Indigestion.

Dosage: 5 – 10 Gms twice daily or as required

Presentation: 500 gm in pet / HDPE containers.

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