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Divya Dhara

Brand: Divya Pharmacy
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Divya Dhara: 10ml

Divya Dhara Roll on your forehead or any affected area to get instance releif from pain. It is effective headache, toothache, ear problems, epitaixs, injury, urticaria(sheet pitta), cough. . It is especially effective when inhale and rubbed on the chest in cases of asthama and respiratory problems. If one is not able to breathe properly due to respiratory problems mixing 4-5 drops of Divya Dhara into half or one litre of hot water and inhaling the steam by will provide instant relief. If someone is suffering from cholera, mix with 5-10 drops of oil into Saunfadi ark and give it to the patient every 15 minutes. If the improvement is visible then the interval period can be gradually increased to half an hour, one hour and then to two hours. This will definitely help the patient of cholera. This is a safe medicine providing fast relief in cold and allergic problems.
Key ingredients:

    Clove Oil
    Eucalyptus oil
    Ajwain (Bishop’s weed)

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excellent results ,thanks swami Ramadevji
t malik
This is very effective herb. I am using this.
Atul Bhardwaj
The best medicine i found in my life
this is best eye drop in herbal product.