Patanjali Shatavar Churna

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Patanjali shatavar churna for women that gives enhance and strengthen their reproductive system.

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Patanjali Shatavar Churna

Patanjali Shatavar Churna: 100GM

Women need effective solutions that can enhance their reproductive system. Divya Shatavar Churna is one of those Ayurvedic solutions, that is made keeping their growing needs in mind and helps strengthen their reproductive tract. It was traditionally used to stimulate the production of female hormones. It helps build immunity, improve intellect, stimulate digestion, increase fertility, vitality and also energises. It is helpful in removing toxins and maintains a regular flow of blood. Divya Shatavar Shurna is used to improve lactation in mothers who are breast-feeding. It rejuvenates both mental and physical strength of women. 

Patanjali Shatavar Churna helps in enhancing the breast milk. Also the skin color is improved. Any other gynecological issues can be treated with this.Useful in general debility, weakness & loss of immunity. Enhances milk content, healthy, nutritious, useful in muscle pains and in all other weaknesses. It also supports digestive system by preventing burning sensation in chest and abdomen and prevents fistula and piles. It is a healthy tonic and can be used in cases of anxiety, depression and high blood pressure.

Divya Patanjali Shatavar churna is one of the best supplements for women. It is an excellent herbal remedy for the treatment of different diseases of the female organs. It consists of different herbs for women. Regular intake of this herbal remedy helps to improve the functioning of the female reproductive organs. The herbs found in this natural remedy are very useful for the reproductive organs of women. Divya Patanjali shatavar churna consists of best herbs for women. It is an herbal tonic for female reproductive organs. All the herbs found in this remedy are natural and herbal and provide relief from diseases of the female reproductive organs. Divya Patanjali shatavar churna provides nutrition to the reproductive organs and help them to perform functions naturally without producing any harmful effects. The main function of the herbs found in this herbal remedy is to balance the hormones.

Different herbs and other materials of ayurveda importance are refined to form powder. Base, salt and acid mixed powder is warm in nature, digestible, tasteful and ignites hunger. Sugar or candy mixed powders are rich in purgation quality, cool and bile suppressive while powders formed of bitter items treat fever and phlegem. The medicines prepared of herbs, which are finely grinned after being dried are called `churna` in Ayurveda.

Dosage: Divya Shatavar Churna Half or one spoon, near 2-5 grams, empty stomach or after meals, according to the disease, take in morning and evening with tepid water.

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