Patanjali Bel Candy

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Buy Patanjali Bel Candy it is Useful in diarrhoea, dysentery diseases, indigestion and jaundice.

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Patanjali Bel Candy

Patanjali Bel Candy:- 500GM

Patanjali Bel Candy is made from high quality fresh bel fruit which is known for its coolant quality. Bel fruit has great medicinal values. Bel has digestive and carminative properties which helps to strengthen the digestive system and regulates bowel movement. It consists of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamin C and minerals like iron, phosphorus, carotene and thiamin.Thiamin helps to reduces inflammation and in the cure of peptic ulcer. Bel cleanses the liver and strengthens liver functions. It aids in the treatment of jaundice. Bel gives relief from diarrhea and dysentery. Bel helps to build body's resistance against infections. It prevents scurvy. The candy is 100% natural and has no known side effects. Bel with sugar and glucose with all the health benefits is an ideal treat for everyone.
Divya Bel candy Provide Strength to Heart, Brain, Liver and Stomach

Ingredients:- Bel, Sugar, Glucose

Dosage :- 5-10 Gms Twice Daily or as Required

Expiry:- Best Before 6 Months (In Sealed Pack Only)

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