Divya Hajrul Yahud Bhasma (5GM X 6)

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Divya Hajrul Yahud Bhasma is useful in kidney stones and stone in the ureter.

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Divya Hajrul Yahud Bhasma (5GM X 6)

Divya Hajrul Yahud Bhasma : (5GM X 6)

Divya Hajrul Yahud Bhasma is useful in kidney stones and stone in the ureter.

Divya Hajrul Yahud Bhasma is indicated for all urinary disorders. It is an excellent natural remedy indicated for kidney stones

Ingredients of Divya Hajrool Yahood Bhasm

Shudh Hajrool,
Kulthi Kwatha,
Gulab Ark,
Chandan Ark,
Kela Swaras (Banana Swaras)

Benefits of Divya Hajrool Yahood Bhasm:-

Divya Hajrul Yahud Bhasmais mainly known for its property to produce urine.
This is also known the decrease the levels of pitta dosha in the body.
Hajarula yahuda is also known to benefit in vomiting & getting rid of any types of stones within the urinary system.
Divya Hajarula yahuda also comprises of a unique property that helps in breaking sown of the stones that are present in the ureters to such a small size that they are easily released out of the urethra.
Divya Hajarula yahuda is useful in micturation & best for micturation.
Divya Hajarula yahuda gives 7 benefits dhatus in our body.
Divya Yahuda brings about the stimulus of thymus gland to increase production of T cell.
Hajarula Yahuda is also known for its properties to behave as a phagocyte, antiviral, antibacterial and all over anti microbial.
Is known to help in the achievement of having a very strong immune system.
Divya Hajarula yahuda brings about immprovement in circulation, conductivity & tone of tissues.
This is also known for providing nourishment to the body.
Divya Hajarula Yahuda is known to benefit in any type of urinary discomforts.

Dosage of Divya Hajrul Yahud Bhasma:-

2 - 4 teaspoons is to be consumed along with coconut water.

FAQ :-

Being a mineral extract is it safe?

Yes it is completely safe and is used in various types of diseases. It is used only after it has gone through various ayurvedic processes of its preparation that make it completely suitable to be used.

Is it readily absorbed by the body?

Yes since it goes through rigorous ayurvedic processis that make it com;letely suitable to be sued for medicinal pruposes. These processes make it as minute as possible to enter into various types of tissues within the body thus being readily absorbed.

What are the constituent elements in it & in what amount?

It is found to be contain ing iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and aluminium. All thise elements are found to be occurring in traces.

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