Divya Medha Vati

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Divya Medha Vati - Divya Medha VatiDivya Medha Vati by Baba Ramdev is an Ayurvedic formulation used for the treatment of memory loss.

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Divya Medha Vati

Divya Medha Vati : 40GM

Divya Medha Vati by Baba Ramdev is an Ayurvedic formulation used for the treatment of memory loss. It is also used as a brain tonic. It is known to improve memory, increase intelligence and other cognitive skills.

Divya Medha Vati is an effective concoction made out of:

Brahmi: Centella aciatica and Bacopa monnieri are both called as Brahmi because of their properties to improve consciousness. Brahmi supports nervous system as a whole and is known to have intellect enhancing properties.

Shankhapushpi: Convolvulus pluricaulis is known to improve memory and intellect. It is also a good laxative, relieves neurotoxicity, reduces stress and is known to work as an aphrodisiac as well.

Vacha: Acorus calamus or sweet flag is beneficial against indigestion in kids. It works as a brain tonic and is known to treat epilepsy. It treats stammering and clears speech.

Ustukhuddus: Lavendula stoechus Linn is famously known as Lavender. It is well known as a sedative and is famous for it benefits in case of stress and insomnia. It also has antibacterial and antispasmodic properties.

Gaajwan: Onosma bracteatum is a good brain tonic and strengthens the nervous system. It works as a coolant and relieves any kind of burning sensation in body. It is also considered good for heart.

Jatamansi: Nardostachys Jatamansi or spikenard is beneficial in neuropsychiatric diseases. It lowers blood pressure, relieves depression and stress and is beneficial in case of gastritis and bloating.

Soonth: Soonth is dried Ginger which is the rhizome of Zingiber officinale. It is warm in nature and is extensively used in treatment of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. Ginger is easily available throughout the year and is used in various home remedies.

Ashwagandha: Withania somnifera or Indian Ginseng helps strengthen the immune system, relieves stress, helps relieve insomnia and maintains sexual health.

Prawal Pisthi: It is made from corals. It improves immunity and is used against cough, cold and burning sensations. It works as a cardiac tonic. It is a very good source of calcium for post menopausal women.

Jaharmohra Pisthi: It is a mineral based formulation made from Jahamohra Stone commonly known as Serpentine. Out of its numerous medicinal values it is best known to heal poisonous insect bites and snake bite.

Moti Pisthi: Moti Pishti or Moti Bhasma is finely ground pearls. It contains 85% of calcium and has a cooling effect on body. It treats Gastric problems and stress related disorders. It is natural substitute of calcium for pregnant women.

Jyotismati: Celastrus paniculatusis or Malkangni improves cognitive capabilities. It is affective against tuberculosis, adenitis and osteoarthritis.

Divya Medha Vati is known to work against stress and depression but it has a number of other health benefits as well.

• Divya Medha Vati works as a brain tonic. It is not only useful in case of memory loss but it enhances memory and intelligence.
• Divya Medha Vati has a calming effect on mind there by reducing stress, headache and Epileptic fits.
• Due to its cooling effects on brain Divya Medha Vati relieves depression, bad dreams and uneasiness and treats sleep disorders naturally.
• Divya Medha Vati improves immune system and guards the body against cough, cold, fever and other respiratory disorders.
• Divya Medha Vati is prescribed for elderly patients suffering from Demetia and to students to improve their mental strength.

Dosage and Mode of administration of Medha Vati:

1 or 2 tablets should be taken twice a day with water or milk. It should be consumed on empty stomach before breakfast and before or after dinner in the evening.

Medha Vati FAQs:

Q: Can Divya Medha Vati be taken on regular basis?
A: Divya Medha Vati does not have any side effects and is absolutely safe to be taken on daily basis.

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